Landscaping Services

The beautiful landscapes do not grow unattended. Santander Landscaping and Concrete offers clients complete maintenance services for garden and lawn care or special needs. The professional team specialize in professional land maintenance and are experts in the maintenance of newly planted landscaping gardens. You are especially concerned about the appearance of your grounds after each service visit. We verify the long-term health of your landscape to protect and enhance your investment. We are pleased to know that customers are happy with the quality of a job well done.

Retaining wall

A well-placed and well-designed retaining wall will retain the ground and rocks, protecting your landscape from erosion and slippage. Santander Landscaping and Concrete has special experience in the design and installation of retaining walls. using a variety of materials, we can create a beautiful and functional containment wall to suit your style and budget.

Concrete Services

Concrete is a beautifully versatile building material. It can be stamped, engraved, molded, dyed and colored in beautiful designs that will look great inside or outside the house. Whether you’re looking for the beautiful outdoor pool terrace or the driveway,Santander Landscaping and Concrete is the concrete contractor for you. As the most reliable concrete contractors, we guarantee you will love the look of your new design.

Tree Trimming

Proper tree pruning services are necessary to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best; Santander Landscaping and Concrete professionals can assess your trees and safely handle even the most challenging tree problems. Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide tree services that we are proud of.



We make your garden look special with the best lawn mowing service in your area and you will have daily satisfaction every time you look at your garden. The best professional in your area with 10 years of experience and thousands of well done jobs are available with just one call.



Mulch serves as a barrier to many destructive and harmful elements. Mulching around your lawn and garden plants protects them from insects and moles and other critters who enjoy making bumps and tunnels throughout your yard.



The first step to create your patio is to decide the size and design of the patio, We will adapt to any shape and size you want. Whether you are looking for a small isolated patio or have planned a large patio to entertain and organize parties.



Ever wonder how people get their lawn looking magazine-worthy ever year? We have the answer — it’s through sodding and re-sodding! These two lawn care processes are an essential step to get your lawn looking fresh and green all season long.

We excel not only in standardized projects but are adept at bringing to life concrete landscapes based on our clients' scribbles or sketches. Our flexibility and skill translate these concepts into reality, consistently yielding fantastic results.