Santander Landscaping and Concrete

Welcome to Santander Landscaping and Concrete, where excellence meets the diligent hands of our experts in every job. We are leaders in concrete in Omaha, Nebraska, with over a decade of experience in transforming spaces into functional and aesthetic environments.

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We have 10 years of services

With meticulous attention to the characteristics of your site, coupled with your ideas, requirements, and budget, we specialize in assisting you in crafting a stunning and functional home landscape using top-notch concrete services.



Our team takes pride in our first level performance level that is implemented in every job, no matter how big or small, we guarantee excellence.



We envision a future where every property, whether residential or commercial, is transformed into a testament of concrete mastery. We aim to lead the industry, inspiring positive changes in the aesthetics and utility of outdoor spaces.



Our experienced concrete contractors lead the way in designing pavements and landscapes every day.

Our skilled concrete artisans establish the benchmark daily in concrete design, paving excellence, and flawless finishes. Your concrete patio will be expertly crafted in record time.

All Services

Impeccable lawn maintenance is one of our specialties. Our mowing services ensure that your lawn stays green, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing at all times. Trust us to keep your outdoor space impeccable and ready to enjoy.


Mulch serves as a barrier to many destructive and harmful elements. Mulching around your lawn and garden plants protects them from insects and moles.


Revitalize your landscape with our reseeding services. Whether to renew worn-out areas or introduce new plant varieties, we work to improve the vitality and beauty of your surroundings!


Retaining walls not only serve a practical function but can also be standout elements in your landscape. Our landscaping and concrete construction professionals work together to create retaining walls that are solid, durable, and visually attractive.


The beautiful landscapes do not grow unattended. Santander Landscaping and Concrete offers clients complete maintenance services for garden and lawn care or special needs.


Proper tree pruning services are necessary to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best; Santander Landscaping and Concrete professionals.

Santander Landscaping and Concrete

With over a decade of expertise, we proudly serve our residential and commercial community with a spectrum of services including Concrete Services, Landscaping, Mowing, and Retaining Walls. As owner-operators, we ensure swift responses to your needs.

Recognizing the significance of customer satisfaction, we dedicate ourselves daily to deliver the expected outcomes. Our commitment to professionalism, seasoned experience, and top-notch results shines through in every residential project. Our skilled concrete specialists are dedicated to elevating the aesthetics of your landscape through our exceptional services.

Customer service

The service of our clients is top priority, therefore our team is always ready to help and respond to any problem.


Offers a single site for all your gardening needs. We are recognized for our work in which we put our pride and your investment. We give each house its own personality while providing a feeling of warmth.

Client’s aprovement

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Rest assured that our team will provide unmatched performance and customer service.

We excel not only in standardized projects but are adept at bringing to life concrete landscapes based on our clients' scribbles or sketches. Our flexibility and skill translate these concepts into reality, consistently yielding fantastic results.